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October 1, 2010

Dear Partners,

It is so exciting to give you an update on Fiji Kinde Project’s ministry. I traveled to Fiji by myself this past summer. The trip gave me the opportunity to see firsthand some various villages where we have established Kindergartens.

Neither the teachers nor the schools knew I was coming. Though unannounced, I anticipated warm Fijian welcomes. But what I did not anticipate was my reaction when I saw the Kinde classrooms, teachers, and children. Alone, in a remote island village, I cried (literally) with joy when I heard “my words” come out of the teachers mouths, and I saw the materials, through your giving, being utilized. The calendar and weather chart up, the books and puzzles out, center time with crayons and blocks. And the children’s Bible opened with a bible memory verse written on paper taped to the wall! The children performed songs and did finger plays for me that were from our Teacher In-service. My heart overflowed with joy! I felt like a proud mommy bird, watching her baby birds fly.

Thank you for your giving. As we finish out this calendar year and see all God’s blessings, we are thankful for your support. Your sacrificial gift of supporting us has been crucial. As of October 31, 2010 we will have established 33 Kindergartens since 2007. Amazing!

Our next trip is only a few weeks away. October 21st we will be taking a team of 8 friends to Fiji; Wendy and Steve Bowie, Marilee Schneider, Terri Lawson, Linda Lawler, Nancy Fry, David and myself. We appreciate your prayers.

As you pray for our team, we also hope that you will be prayerful during your end of the year giving. Obviously, we know you have choices in giving and these days stretching a dollar is not as easy as it has been. However if you are planning on giving to a Philanthropy or other charitable organization we hope you will consider giving to Fiji Kinde Project Ministry. Your gift is 100% tax deductible.

Giving is a partnership and the need is so great. Matthew 6:21 says, “For where your treasure is; there your heart will be also.” Your gifts from the heart will be treasured by the children of Fiji.

Serving Together,

Ann Cooper

Founder, Fiji Kinde Project

Tax ID# 26-4107858

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